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Author: EmanJay
Publisher: EmanJay
ISBN#: DBM#: 902130
Paper Back:12.50 Hardback: N/A

In this small booklet, you will find the basic hat and bonnet styles which predominated during Victoria's reign from 1838-1901.
Her wedding on February 10, 1840 seems to appropriately herald the beginning of the Victorian Age, and her going away bonnet the appropriate style with which to begin this book.
The highly moral and circumspect influence of Victoria and Albert somewhat dampened colorful fashion display and dominated all other aspects of British and American society as well, but there is no way to completely squelch the desire of women to be pretty and to have pretty things. Although hats during this period were somewhat subdued, they were still very feminine, with fanciful trimmings of flowers, feathers, ribbons and lace. Hats wee an indispensable item of apparel and women of this era seldom if ever appeared without a head covering of some kind.
This is a 40-page, soft cover book published in 1991.

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